Can't find Foundry 3 Starter Kits

I tried to buy Foundry 3 and the starter kits with the discount code from Joe’s Stacks Summit ‘Goodie Bag’ this past weekend.

When I clicked on the link and looked around the Elixir site, I was only able to view (and purchase) Foundry 3, though I wasn’t able to find or buy the Foundry 3 starter kits, only the older ’Starter Kits’.

The ‘Goodie Bag’ page from the Summit says the discount expires April 12, 2024, which is tomorrow.

I tried to email this question instead of the forum, though I couldn’t find an email anywhere on the Elixir site.

Please let me know how to get the starter kits for Foundry 3, so I can buy them at the same time.

They’re on the Foundry 3 Purchase page where you bought Foundry 3. Go there and scroll down: Purchase Foundry

Thank you for the reply.

I didn’t see it at first, as I initially thought the ’Starter Kits’ were additional stacks to use in Foundry 3, similar to the ‘Potion Pack’ stacks from the original Foundry.

I now understand that ‘Starter Kits’ means the category name for various Foundry project files.

I just made my purchase and look forward to using it. Thanks.

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