Can't Get Logo To Display in Navigation Bar

I’m sure I’m missing something super obvious, but I can’t figure it out. And now that I’ve read more on the forums, I’m even more confused, since I thought my issue would be I was putting in images that were too big.

Basically on - (a site I quickly copied from the mirage theme into foundry to make it more responsive), I want the logo to appear in the navigation bar once the site navigation flips to horizontal bars. At that point, the site logo in the banner is disappearing, but my title remains, so I think it would look good to have a small logo appear in the navigation bar.

But even though I’ve tried using site logo and custom images, (and I’ve resized the images to match my small navigation bar), it just won’t display. I feel like I’m missing something super basic here.

Any help would be appreciated.

In the Nav Bar settings in the Branding section, there are 3 “Hide logo at:” buttons for Mobile, Tablet and Desktop. Check the state of those buttons.

Hey there @SanityBox!

Give what @webdeersign mentioned a look. If you can suss it out from there, post a link to a ZIP file that contains your project file where I can download it and I will give it a quick look.

I did say something super obvious, however, it wasn’t that. That’s the one setting I was paying attention to because I wanted it to hide on desktop but show on smaller screens.

I thought it might be a file type issue, (I wanted to preserve some transparency), but it doesn’t seem to matter what file type. I’ll zip it up it later today and post it for you @elixirgraphics.

AFAIK when the NavBar is centered, the Branding Logo is never displayed and the Show Logo buttons are redundant.

That makes sense when the navigation bar is full sized, but it would be nice to be able to display the logo when it moves to mobile. Oh well, now that I know that, I have a few options for a work around.

Hey @SanityBox – Sorry to be just getting to this, things have been a bit sideways for me lately. I received an email notifying me of a post that had a download link, but I’m not seeing it in this thread or my direct messages. Not sure if you deleted it or I’m just overlooking it. Probably the latter of the two.

Hi @elixirgraphics,

No worries, it’s what happens to the self-employed when they dare to take vacations. :slight_smile:

I removed the file after @webdeersign said that the branding logo is never displayed when the Navbar is centred. I wanted to show the logo only when the navbar switches to mobile sizing displaying a menu icon, but it appears that’s not a option. I have a workaround figured out, I just haven’t had time to implement it.


Gotcha. I thought I was imagining things when I came back to grab the download. LOL.

Yeah, between a short vacation and then lots of stuff happening here at the house over the past week, it has been rough getting back into the swing of things, to say the least.

Thanks for hanging in there with me. Glad you got it setup to your liking now! :smiley:

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