Can't Pay for Foundry 3, CC Issue

Error seems to come from Pay Pal, but I’m paying with MasterCard! Can’t get past the last step… Help please!

PayPal is the payment processor for all transactions, including credit card processing. If your credit card is not being processed by PayPal you’d likely need to speak with them. If you want to send me a private message with a screen shot of JUST the error message I can look and see if it is an issue in my end. But I suspect it is to do with your CC and PayPal.

I had some PayPal issues today as well (not here but with another purchase), so this might possible be PayPal. Perhaps wait an hour an try again?

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Good to know! Thanks for that insight @Fuellemann.

This is what I’m dealing with now. Trying to use a different credit card for purchase, but it won’t even let me get past this. Need the upgrade ASAP for two sites I need to update. How do I get past this screen to attempt the upgrade again? No instruction on how to clear this and move on is VERY frustrating!

James Harris

You can’t without me removing you from the Auto Block you’ve incurred from the system for multiple failed attempts. This is a security thing. I’ve removed the auto block, so you should be good to go.

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