Carbon Theme Slider Question

What size should the images be in the home page slider on the Carbon Theme? For best performance…

The Carbon theme by Nick Cates? If so, you’re in the wrong place I’m afraid. This thread on another Rapidweaver forum may help to fill you in.

I suspect @cwall64 is talking about the Carbon pre-built project file for Foundry.

As for @cwall64’s question of image sizing – There’s no right answer to that question. You have to make that decision on your own. You can use whatever size images you like. The pre-built project is just a starting point for your own content.

Sorry i meant the Carbon Foundry Pre-Built Projects on Elixir’s add-ons page…

Maybe I worded it wrong, but I was looking for suggestions for good image load as Google and GTmetrix seemed to score the default Project well. I did grab the images and they look to be 900x450, so I’ll try to replicate and hopefully get the same scores… Thanks!

Gotcha. Yeah, that is still up to you really. You can also compress your images with something like TinyJPG to help as well.