Category and Tags views on iPhone show duplicated topper image

Alloy v3.3.1
Foundry 3 | v3.2023.02.13

When I click on categories or tags view on an iPhone, I see the image per blog post 2 times.

The same problem also occurs on the Foundry Blog page and Foundry 3 Projects Living Spaces Blog page of RapidWeaver Classroom.

I’ll have a look at this today when I get into the officer after breakfast. I suspect I know the cause, but need to sift through some CSS.

@Hugo Can you send me a direct message here on the forum with an email address where I can send you a test version of Alloy to see if it clears up the problem in all areas you were experiencing it?

The problem will be fixed with another update of Alloy in one of the next days

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