Center Card Link

Hey everyone, I’m sure this is an easy fix but I can’t figure it out. I have a “Card” stack going with a “Card Link”. I would like to centre the hyperlink in the “Card Link”. Currently the hyperlink is off to the left. The only “Card Link” options are to set the link label and set link. Any help would be appreciated.


Card Links are inline links, so you can’t center them. Inline links means if you add multiples next to one another they’ll sit side-by-side. You could however add a Card Slice to the Card and then drop in a normal Foundry Paragraph stack and center its contents (of which you can add a link to). Heck you could add a Card Slice and then drop in a Foundry Button and set its style to Link, too:


Great! Thanks for the help!!

Not a problem at all.