Centered icon and text

I cannot believe I am struggling with something that seems so easy. I want to combine the envelope FA Font and my email address into a header and horizontally center them on the screen responsively. I could not figure out what stack would assist with that. Can someone offer suggestions? I am afraid I am missing something obvious. I am using the foundry theme.

Hey there @bobsimoneau!

Is this what you’re going for?

If so you can accomplish that by inserting the FontAwesome icon into the header text itself. There’s not a way to do it otherwise at this time. The text used in that header example above is:

<i class="fa fa-envelope"></i> Header

I think you could also use BWD Header Pro (donation ware) which allows for a link…

@fog1horn: Sorry if I was not clear, I probably just need another cup of coffee – but that same thing is what I mentioned above, but instead using the built-in Foundry Header stack so that he can retain the integration of the Foundry Header stack with the rest of the Foundry stacks, like Typeface, Control Center, etc.

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That was what I was after, thank you. I used a foundry header with the below text, and it worked great.

<i class="fa fa-envelope"></i><a href=""></a>