Change font in Control Center

I already have a Foundry site created, it default fonts in CS. Then I changed the CS font but it didn’t change my site file.

Hi there @raymackt and welcome to the community. I don’t think I follow what you’re saying or trying to inquire about. Please give us more details and be a thorough as possible so that we can better understand and help you out.

OK, further details… I have an existing Foundry Page, created with the default Control Center fonts. I wanted to change the display (?) font (meaning text blocks, right?), but when I changed the display font in CS it didn’t change the font in my text fields. Thanks!

What is “CS?” You mention it in your original post and in this latest one.

Show me a screenshot of where and how you’re changing the font. Also are you using the Typeface stack?

Control Center… Not using TYPEFACE stack.!

Screen Shot 2021-03-08 at 9.56.59 AM|656x458

Sorry I guess I was completely confused since CS does not equal Control Center in my mind. I would have expected CC if you were abbreviating Control Center. That is my mistake, I guess.

Please give me a live URL and point out, using a screenshot, what element on the page is not receiving the Times New Roman.

If you don’t have a live URL, I will need a ZIP file that contains your project file. You can send that ZIP file to adam at elixirgraphics dot com

If the file is over 3mb, send it using WeTransfer or a similar service.

Note either way I will need a screenshot showing the item that is not having the font applied in addition to either the URL or the project file.

Also, that said, as a side note: it is helpful to use Typeface for these basic web safe fonts even as it allows you an easier way to apply the font to multiple items.

My bad on CS! Sorry!
Sent you a screen shot.
Couldn’t find details of installing Typeface, but sounds good…
Can I use Rapid Weaver text stacks in Foundry?
Explain: Base font, Display Font, etc…

Via email? If so I did not get it. Also I requested your project file which I need to be able to help you. Without it, it is all guessing. I don’t like to guess.

Typeface is a part of Foundry and is in the documentation for Foundry. It has its own documentation page here.

These things are also talked about in the documentation. I wrote the documentation so you wouldn’t need me to sit and explain these. :grinning:

The Control Center has its own documentation page here as well.

Please read over the documentation and watch through the tutorial videos. These things are there to help and should help you.