Change Font Type in MegaModal stack

Is there a way to change font types in the Mega Modal stack? If I have a list of buttons with a selected font type and megamodal buttons, the fonts are different. Can the fonts be changed in the megamodal button?
See attached sample.

You could change the font for the entirety of the Mega Modal tool, but not just the button. You’d need to add one of the class names from Typeface to the CSS field in the Mega Modal tool.

Ex class name: foundry-typeface-one

This will apply Typeface One to everything in Mega Modal.

Other than that there is not a specific way of doing so at this time.

That works! simple work around. I need to study up on the use of that css classes field use.
Thanks for a quick response!

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No problem. In the future I’ll have some more information regarding things like that.


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