Change <html lang="en"> to another language

Hi. I need to change the basic which comes before the header tag to de_DE. As far as I know this is defined by the theme. Is this possible?

That is indeed in the theme. There is no way for a theme to add an option to insert different text in there. I can remove it altogether in a future update, but there is not a way to alter it without changing it in the theme itself on your own (which I don’t recommend unless you’re familiar with themes) or to change it in your outputted code, which would be a good deal of work.

It does work in foundation. There is a pop-up menu in the site-settings where I can select the language.
(Seen in this thread: HTML language settings for websites - General - RapidWeaver Support Forum)
Quite simple and straightforward to use, but of course I do not know the implications for adding this to foundry…

They’re likely doing that using javascript on the fly. I don’t know if the search engines will get the lang="en" or whatever the javascript replaces it as on page load. So I’m honestly not sure if this benefits you or not. I’d have to do research into it. My gut reaction right away is that the search engine bots would get the lang="en" and not the one modified through javascript.

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Hi, even if you can not support it, I think it is important to have a closer look on it. As far as I know, Google does execute JS now in order to get richer SEO. This is reason for the support in foundation.

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