Change language of blog-heading

Is it possible to change the standard English headings of a post into another language, espec. Dutch?

What I mean:
“Written by: … | Posted on: … | Category: …”
should become:
“Geschreven door: | Gepubliceerd op: | Categorie:”

Even so, could the Editor items be translated into another language?

Head on over to the Alloy documentation page for the Blog Entries and Editor stacks.

If you read through those pages you’ll notice things like this:

These are fields in the stack’s settings that allow you to localize the Blog Entries, and Editor stack’s elements.

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Hi Adam,
I just found out myself.
I was thinking all was controlled by the editor. Stupid.

Thanx for the answer anyway!

Not a problem. There are a few things in the Editor that cannot be modified, but they’re very minor.