Change Master Style for Foundry Theme - Fonts, Colors, etc

I am new to Rapid Weaver and have just downloaded it along with Stacks and Foundry. I have reviewed (I thought, thoroughly) the FAQ, viewed the videos and searched through this forum and cannot seem to find an answer. I am building a website that uses certain colors and fonts. I see where I can add a style stack to a page and change the fonts and colors unique to that page, but cannot see where to do this to affect the site globally. When I choose Master Style, I only see one of the pages on my site and no where to update any font or color (just the inspector that gives me the ability to choose a theme style and theme toggle). This page displays in preview mode with the edit button greyed out. Is there a way to set up a master style with specific colors (for primary, success, info, warning,etc) and specific fonts (for different HTML elements) globally so that I do not have to go into each page and define all the headers and paragraph styles, etc?

Hi there @buhbailey

What you’re describing is the main Foundry stack – the one with the blue icon with an anvil on it. This is the Control Center stack. You set all of your global settings there. You can then copy that stack to your other stacks pages, or better yet, use Stacks’ built-in Partials to replicate that Foundry Control Center stack on all your pages (this way if you edit it on one page it will be carried across to the other pages).

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Great. Thank you for the fast reply. It is starting to make sense. My apologies for the elementary question. This will be much easier than building pages from scratch.

Not a problem. We all begin somewhere, right?! Have fun playing with Foundry and trying things out!