Change word in a text

How can i change the color only in some words in text foundry3?

Thank for the support

If you’re comfortable using code, you can use the following in your paragraph text stack. I’ve given it a font-weight of 900 to make it bold, so be aware that your font may only work with a font-weight of 400.

<span style="color:#73C689;font-weight:900;">YOUR COLOURED WORDS</span>

Of course, Adam may have a simpler solution.

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If you want an easy way to do it page-wide you could use Blacksmith.

In your text do something similar to what @rapidweavercentral suggested, but instead on inline styles use a class name, like so:

These are the <span class="colorful">colorful words</span> in this sentence.

Then in Blacksmith just create a stylesheet and use the class name you used for your span tag. Now you can change the color and a whole lot more. And any changes you make to the class name in your Blacksmith stylesheet get applied to all instances of that class on the page with one change.


Thanks for the support.
Works !!