Changing the font in FormsPro

I’m facing a little problem with FormPro. My clients website uses selfhostet fonts.
The main site is using a light font and now I have to make a registration page as a landingpage, which not appears in the the menue but it has to have the menue of the main site for some reasons.
So I just added the page and unchecked “show in navigation”.
Since I have a Partial for a Ground Setting of the site, FormsPro uses the Base Font for the site.
I can only change the font settings for added Form Paragraphs in FormPro. Not for any added fields or the default fields. Those appear in the Basefont. But I have to change size and Fontstyle because of the background and not so much place
Is there any chance to change font in; for example “Typeface 3” and a smaller size?
I’m not CSS, so every hint is appreciated :wink:

Thanks in advance for any hints - take care


The font is pulled from the Control Center stack. You could make it a non-partial on that page and then alter the font in that one-off version of the Control Center.

Hi Adam,
thanks for the hint. I could have thought of it myself, thinking about it a bit longer… :exploding_head: :angry:

Thanks - take care