Changing the slide navigation to be even with the page header

As you can see from the first screenshot the sliding nav position is for the left side of the 3 line icon to be aligned in relationship to the page header (default) so that the icon appears to be to the right of the end of the page header background.

Here is a shot of what I currently have one margin for the overall page and one to move the icon left (??) the default width of the icon.

I need some advice on how I might solve this scenario?
In other words I want to move the sliding nav to the left so that it previews in alignment with the end of the page header as shown in edit mode of RW.

Hey there @MelRay! If you post up a link to a ZIP file that contains your project file I will have a look at it on Monday when I am back in the office.

Ok Adam. I’ll get it sent to ya tomorrow

Just got your project file and looked over it. Looking at your project I see you’re trying to use the Margins stack to move the toggle for the Slide Navigation. Think I didn’t realize this before. This is possible to do, but in order to do so you have to disable the Fixed Position Toggle feature for the Slide Navigation stack, which you have enabled currently:

So just to be sure I deleted the Foundry elements and added them back in as shown in my earlier post. Here is the .zip file with project and a screen shot showing the setup in edit mode. The other is to show you specifically what I am trying to learn how to do.



Ok thank you! Sorry I overlooked that.

Ok thank you! Sorry I overlooked that.

Not a problem at all. Easy to overlook. There’s a lot of settings and options throughout all of the stacks. Glad to help out. :slight_smile:

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