Cinema Overlay in Firefox

Hi, I am having a strange issue with the overlay of Cinema, not covering the 100% vh, that I have selected for it (screenshot).
This happens only with Firefox, but everything works fine with Safari, Chrome and Opera.
Can anybody tell me what I am doing wrong here? Or is this a problem of Foundry’s compatibility?
Here is the link to the Website (under construction):

And a link to the project file (dropbox):

Thank you for any help. Best regards

Seems like a Firefox bug to me. I can look at it today at some point. Let me know the specific Firefox version number please.

Thank you for your quick response, your support is really amazing! And your new Foundry3 as well, as far as I have explored it so far!!!
I have installed on my Mac the latest Version of Firefox, 110.0.1 (64 bit)

You seem to have two Cinema tools nested within one another. I’m assuming that is not what you want, right? Perhaps this is a cause of the problem you’re seeing? You might want to rework that section and go over it a bit more closely and if you continue to have problems let me know.

You were right, there was one cinema too much. I have now removed one, but the problem with Firefox is still there.

OK. Supply us with the fixed project and I’ll see about taking a look at it.

Here is the link of the project file:

and the actual URL of the affected site with the issue:

Looks like Firefox does not want to abide by some basic CSS or they simply treat this situation differently, for whatever reason. I’ll see about making some tweaks to appease Firefox.

So I think I have a workaround to address the Firefox bug. I’ll add it to the next update.


Thank you very much!

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