Cinema stack videos are not responsive

Hi all,

I am wondering if the “Cinema” stack is responsive to the video. Is there a way to embed videos so that the size of the video responds to the size of the monitor?


The videos are responsive. Cinema though is used as a backdrop for other content. Much like the banner stack it will be cropped and scaled based on the content within the stack. If you need videos that remain in their original aspect ratio you should be using the Video Embed stack instead.

Thanks for your help!
I thought, the Video Embed stack is only for Youtube, Vimeo and Wistias videos ?
How can I embed my own videos?

Thanks for your help


You are correct the Video Embed stack is only for those services. You cannot use the stack for self hosted videos.

Cinema is only self-hosted because embedded videos cannot be used for background content such as what Cinema is designed for.