CMS, what can the customer change


Does anybody know if the CMS stacks like Pulse works with Partials? For example if i have used a Banner or Motion and made partials of them, and the customer likes to change photo’s or text. Would that be possible?

And what about adding a paragraph, header or changing margins? Or is it only text, video and photo that can be changed by a CMS stack?

And is there a way to put the change made by the customer put automatically into the rapid weaver projectfile?

Thanks in advance



Hi @Rene_J

This doesn’t seem to be in relation to anything Elixir sells or supports. The best place to get support for the products mentioned in your post would be from those developers. I would hit up the Pulse, or other CMS developer(s) and check with them on how they products work.

Ah yes i see. I will certainly do. Thanks for the fast response.