Colums not adjusting on iPhone

I have made a test site here

It is 3 colums wide

On iphone it should be 1 column wide

It is responive in preview and on desk top if I change page size by dragging bottom right corner …but on iphone it is still 3 colums … noit sure why

Any help greatly appreciated

First thing I notice is you’re not using the Foundry theme for your project – you seem to have a different theme selected.

Try selecting the appropriate theme and then doing a “Republish All Files” from RapidWeaver. If that doesn’t clear up your issue, then send me over a ZIP file containing your project file and I will take a quick look and see if I can’t suss out the situation you’ve run into.

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OMG! I knew I was being stupid … but didnt realize I was that bad… THANKS !
MY default theme is set to Blank … (Im going to change it to Foundry)
Worked perfectly. Thank you!


No problem. Really, it happens to us all. :slight_smile: