Comment function for Alloy

alloy has no built in function for commenting blog post. Is there an easy and straight way to to comments for alloy?

A commenting option via Disqus comes with Alloy. That’s built in.

@mitchellm is partially right here. The Disqus stack comes as a part of the Potion Pack addons. You can use it in conjunction with Alloy’s Conditionals stack to easily create a commenting section.

Basically you’d include the Disqus stack with the Full Entry view content in the Conditional stack, but omit the Disqus stack from the Summaries view.

Disqus does a good job of associating the current URL, which includes the individual blog post’s ID, with its own comments. This means it handles all of the hassle of keeping comments associated with the correct posts for you.


My bad re: Disqus. I only use it with Alloy so I mistakenly assumed it was bundled with Alloy. Hopefully @herbertkoeppel already has the Potion Pack: it’s a great addition.

Not a problem! Always thankful for people helping out here on the forum! :smiley: :+1: