Completed consultancy site re-design using Foundry

Hi community. Having just made the switch from Dreamweaver (and Adobe’s hugely exorbitant creative cloud fees) to RapidWeaver, I can’t praise Adam and Foundry enough. His product has enabled me, as an independent consultant without a budget for big web design, to transfer my website to something functional and easy to maintain.

Products I’ve used in developing the new site above:
• Foundry as the platform base (I found the documentation and support superb - much better than other content platform builds)

• I’ve used the Poster add-on to create the blog site under ‘our thinking’
• I have installed Vibralogix Sitelok for user management, but this isn’t yet live (later release).

Any suggestions for improvements welcomed from those with experience in the web community.


Really nice site :slight_smile: the only improvement is to change the link Color on mobile to be able to read the telephone number:

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Hi. Thanks for the feedback - that’s not defined as a link on the site pages, so I’ll check it out.
Guessing the phone is picking it up and making it a link

Appreciate it. It’s things like this I don’t get to find myself.