Contact Form Foundry

Hi guys,

Would like to know if there’s an option, don’t looks so, to get a Phone Label at the Form in Foundry.
-Name Label
-Phone Label
-Email Label
-Subject Label
-Message Label

I understand that Adam would like to keep the Form simple but an extra Label would not do harm.
Apart of this Radio Control, Checkbox, Attachments would be great to see on a future update but again at least an extra Label (for phone number). Request on a future update if possible pls, thanks.


I would hope that extra Form components would be added sometime in the future. Bootstrap 4 forms are as good as it gets and also easy to implement. Access to all of the BS4 form components would be very powerful.

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Hang in there gentlemen.


My request re: the Contact Form in Foundry is somewhat different.

Rather than add more fields, I would like the option to remove input fields that I do not require. For example, I am looking to create a Contact form that has only two fields: Name and Email Address. Nothing else.