Contact form page downloads instead of opening

Hello all!

Newbie to Foundry - absolutely love it!

Just built my first website and was looking for help with a Form problem - built using the Foundry Form stack. When you click on the page, instead of opening, it begins to download instead of opening. Am I overlooking something very simple here?!

Website is and the page in question is ‘Contact’ in the dropdown menu.

Foundry and stacks both up-to-date.

Thank you!

Hi there @AS20!

A couple of things – check to be sure that your host offers PHP support. This is a requirement for forms such as the one you’ve built using the Form stack. Also, if they do offer PHP support, ensure they’ve got it enabled for your server.

Also, if you could post a link to a ZIP file containing your project file that will help me as we troubleshoot your problem.

Thank you! I’m not allowed to upload in this dialogue box, but have checked with my host who said it was to do with this:

application/x-httpd-php54s .php in the .htaccess file

As I transferred host recently…

Thanks for your help!