Container or Group stack?

Hi and good day,

Somewhere - I think on this forum - I read that one should not have ’too many’ containers on a RW page.

My standard layout is:


//Column, 2 col, with Markup stack or image, or 2 Markup stacks.

Then when I need to add some new text / image, (each in 1 col), which is not related to the preceding one,

I pull in another container, as above:


//Column, 2 col

Or should I use the Group stack instead? Advantages?


with best regards, Omar KN, Stockholm, Sweden

Containers are for setting a max-width for the contained stacks. If you’re not using the stack for that then you don’t need a Container stack.

A Group stack is used for grouping content in Edit Mode and providing yourself a way to recognize and organize content in Edit Mode.

You have to just ask yourself – which of these things am I in need of, and then choose the appropriate stack.

So, Containers are published into the html and Groups are just internal helpers in RW Edit Mode and are not published into html? I learn something new every day with Elixir! It says right there in the documentation “Since the Group stack is used only in Edit Mode . . .”. Oops. I’ve habitually and erroneously used too many Containers.

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