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I have a strange one that is driving me crazy. I have a section of content on a site i’m building that will not show up in firefox, chrome, or opera, but shows up just fine in safari. I have completely deleted all files on server and reloaded everything but still get the same result. Adam, if you see this post I will more than happy to send you my project file. Here is the link to the url where I temporally have the site loaded for testing. Site is still a work in progress so ignore some of the default images. :smile:

Note: the section that’s missing is hard to miss but just in case it’s the section right underneath the 3 display cards under main banner image.

Hi @arlenj

I might be wrong, but I believe that it could have something to do with the Overlap Stack, try to remove the Overlap and test the project again on Chrome if it works.

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Thank you @egomade, that was it, I removed the Overlap Stack and everything shows up. Now I just have to figure out why the overlap is doing that, I’m using one of the Carpenter Templates for that overlap section.

Thanks again

I believe it is a newer “issue” with the negative margins on the bottom of Overlap when using the uniform mode. Nothing has changed in Overlap so I suspect it’s something in the browser. Use non-uniform mode and I suspect it’ll work A-OK for you.

Thanks @elixirgraphics, I just manually built the overlap section and it works fine. Next time I use that template I’ll use the non-uniform.

I may have a fix for this weird bug that seems to be related to Chromium. I’ve read up on several people that have run into problems with negative value margins on items. I worked up a test that I think fixes it. If you’re seeing this problem with Overlap please email me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com and I will send you the test version of Potion to see if we can’t suss out whether I’ve fixed the problem.

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