Copying page to Foundry from Non-Foundry theme


I need to copy some project pages from non-foundry project file to Foundry project.

What should know? Any issues to be avoided?

I found out from Forum that:

  1. I should slap everything in the 1-col wrapper and copy paste it.
  2. CSS doesn’t follow - is this notion of custom CSS?
  3. Add Foundry control center stack, etc.

If I just copy - paste it this way can I get unnecessary code baggage from the old project file?


Your content in your project file is not attached to the theme. If you copy content in Edit Mode from one project file to another you’re not dragging along extra “baggage” in the form of the previous theme’s code.

That being said, I personally would start from the ground up. You’ll have a less frustrating time overall and if you’re building the site over it will make you look at your design and construction of the site from the fresh perspective of building your pages from the ground up with Foundry and its stacks. That’s just me though.

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Thanks, that’s a relief to hear!

Uptaded some pages in project file before I went to Foundry. So, don’t need a complete overhaul of needed pages.

As I welcome your suggestion for building from the ground,
Instead of Lister stack, I could use Bulleted list stack? (Looks supporting nested lists.)
Is there Foundry/Potion pack equivalent to Capsule stack?
Instead of Notify stack or similar can I create notification message triggered by scroll to with Modal and Reveal stack?

Elixir’s Capsule stack works fine in Foundry!

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It looks like whether I build up from the ground up or copy content in edit mode, I can’t get content look as good.

Does it look like control center/font issue? Could I go around it with TypeFace?

This is how my page should look like, from Voyager Pro. Titles horizontally aligned, listed items don’t jump too much. Made by Grid + 1 Col + Lister stack.




This is what I get with Foundry Grid + Header + Bulled list build from the ground. Is it because of Control Center font style + size? Didn’t find an option for nested lists.

This is what I get with Foundry with the copy fron edit mode → bringing Grid + 1 Col + Lister Stack into Foundry. Working except title size + weight.


Hi, you can still use the other stacks within Foundry :slight_smile: I do so, and please do not think to use Foundry stacks alone for each purpose. IMHO this ability to rely on Foundry and still use other stacks is one of the great strengths of this product!

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Hi @TapioMichael

You’d be hard pressed to set up the exact same thing from a theme. The reason being is you have to match the font, font size, column sizes, gutter widths, etc, etc from the theme.

If you’re happy with the look and feel of your Voyager theme based site, there’s no need to try and recreate it in Foundry. Because it is theme based doesn’t make it “less of a site” or anything else like that.

If you want to go beyond Voyager for your design and make something different, the jump into foundry and start building. Don’t try to mimic what you had in Voyager, build something using the tools at hand. You may find along the way you need to adjust text, re-write headers or paragraphs to fit your new vision, choose different fonts or font sizes, or change up your layout. This is web design.

To me it looks like you’re aiming to just copy a site you’ve already built with Voyager. And while I kind of get that a little bit – it is something familiar to work from – I don’t see it as a good goal for the tools you’re using, IMHO.

As I said, if you like your Voyager based site, then you’re good to go and there’s probably not a big need to redo the whole thing, trying to match the design pixel for pixel. The two tools are going to vary from one another, as they are different tools.

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Great replies!

I have been pleased with Voyager Pro theme that used for a client. I kept the theme trough site versions 1-3, but as his business grew I eventually hit the wall with some features that were needed but I could not implement into Voyager.

I decided to move to Foundry, but before that final decision, I had already started to build new pages with Voyager. Complete new sections for business. It is one of those newly created pages I wish to move to Foundry and hope to minimize time spend for transfer.

One might ask why to build new pages with an old theme in the first place? The answer is because of I started site overhaul based on client’s current need and a theme based site was still a great option.