Creating A Forum

I am looking to create a forum much like this one on a site I have that is built in bootstrap. Can anyone recommend a forum platform/software that works with Foundry or bootstrap that is relatively easy to set up?

Thanks In Advance.

:slight_smile: Lois

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This forum is a sub domain of @elixirgraphics main site. It is basically standalone and you can brand it with your own marcomm. You can Find more info here.


These forums are always very pricey. Is somewhere any instructions how to integrate
PHPbb to RW?

I found this one:

I managed to integrate the free version of Vanilla Forums into a RW site. Unfortunately, I canโ€™t show it to you because the client didnโ€™t want to moderate contributions and it filled with Spam.

My host - Chillidog - has something called Softaculous which offers an easier way to install things like this. I remember it was a bit fiddly but with a bit of perseverance I got it working. And it was completely free.


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