Creative Input on sites?

Hey gang,

It’s my first time browsing through this forum. I like what everybody’s doing. As a fellow site designer, I always appreciate comments/recommendations on my work from others (even if I don’t agree with them). How do the rest of you feel about that? Do you want input/ideas?

I think several of the Foundry users appreciate good, constructive feedback, as I have seen that in the Foundry Site Showcase category from time-to-time:




Got shown a couple of things I had missed while building our site.
Helped give a better looking end result.
It becomes easy to get lost in parts of your site that things get unintentually overlooked.



I appreciate the feedback too. I’ve had websites that I’ve used Peek to get an idea what an average person might think about a website. It’s always helpful to hear criticism from others.

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