CSS option for Capsule?

Is possible to make capsule content open when hoverin over location on site where it would open with normal button trigger? That would be really something!

I am looking for a pop up effect that is integrated in page and not so much of hoverin lightboxes at the side of the page or top of it. I wish to feed wepage visitor with information that is not depend weather one pushes button or not.

Stacks like Notifyi and Gateway just doesn’t seem cut it. I need information to pop up on various locations on page and regular pop up stacks would easily clutter up the page.

No, sorry that is not a possibility — especially not through CSS alone.

Thank you for your reply!

It’s not quite the hover action you want but Joe Workman’s call to action stack and his peek a boo stack integrate to open a section of the page when you scroll to a certain point.