Csv table search

I’ve been using the csv table as a way of listing current prices for several companies I do business with. My question is how could I make the csv files searchable? I bought live search in hopes that it would work but it can’t do that as of now per 1littledesigners support. Anyone have any suggestions?

It depends. Are you using Foundry? If - take the CSV Stack. In the settings check “enable Sortable Columns”

That’s it


Yes I’m using Foundry. I have the sortable tables on but I need to be able to search their content from a search bar on my landing page.

I don’t think, that this works. A global search refers to the content of all the stacks you use.
If you use a CSV-Stack, it’s imported from, let’s say google docs.
As far as I understand the global search Stack for RW it cannot search “external”.
Maybe with a CSS you can manage this…

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@HerrSchulz – I believe what @setchmo is looking for is a way to search through the table via a field on the page. Something similar to the Sort stack, but in this case that would work with tables. That is unfortunately not something that the Table or Table CSV stacks can do.

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