Custom height columns lose responsive "stacking" in tablet mode?

I would like to use the “Equal Height” feature of the Columns stack for my desktop layout, but when I enable that function, the columns don’t responsively “stack” in tablet mode, even if I set all column widths to 12. (They work fine for the Mobile breakpoint).

I’m double-checking my layouts on an old iPad (second generation, non-Retina), so I’m wondering if that is the issue or if there is a glitch (including operator error) somewhere?



Are you checking in landscape or portrait mode on the iPad?

Hi Adam. I’m checking in portrait mode.

That is below the threshold for the tablet breakpoint. Foundry doesn’t check device type, but instead it checks widths. Portrait mode on tablet enters into the “mobile” breakpoint area. Switch to landscape and you’ll see your tablet breakpoint.

That’s what I expected to happen, but it doesn’t go to mobile mode. (I just posted something else related to The Wonderful World Of Screen Resolutions). Fun stuff…

Maybe I’m misunderstanding you… post a link where I can download a ZIP file containing your project file and I’ll have a look. Point me to the page and area of the project that you’re having a problem with. Outline what you feel you should see at the mobile breakpoint and what you should see at the tablet breakpoint.

Thanks Adam. I sent the link to you via email.

Morning @LexCan – Unfortunately I did not receive anything. If you want to re-send it, you can post the link here, or email it to adam at elixirgraphics dot com or send me a private message on the forum.