Customize font size in Date & Category Line, especially for Tag names?

I can’t find where I could change the font size in the Date & Category Line of my blog posts, could anybody help me with that? Up to now I have only found that I can make it bold, italic or underlined, but I would like to have for example the Tag names larger.
Thank you in advance for any hints.
Best regards

Hi @6harps – Changing Alloys Date & Category Line font size is not an option that is built-in to Alloy. The settings below are what are offered for styling the Date & Category Line in the Blog Entries tool:

Thank you for your kind reply. Maybe this could be something for the next Update of Alloy?

We’ll have to see how it goes. I literally haven’t even begun the next update for Alloy. Too busy getting Foundry 3 out of the door and now answering the plethora of support questions and inquiries.

:wink: :+1:
Good luck and thank you for your fantastic work, your support and kindness

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