Dark Mode in Foundry 3

Is there a guide on how to set up Dark Mode in Foundry 3 for a website?

Watch the Blacksmith videos found on the Blacksmith documentation page. It will show you how to setup a Stylesheet in the first video and then how to use Selectors and Media Queries in the second video. The Media Queries is what you’ll be using to create dark mode styling. You can see an example of Dark Mode in action on the Blacksmith page of the website in the examples.

This new approach will allow you to alter more than just colors based on the user’s light or dark mode preferences.

I’ve seen it and don’t quite understand how Media Queries with Dark Mode works? How is this activated? Where do I add the Class Name? In all tools/stacks?

I set the Color to Dark but get a white stripe between 2 different backgrounds.
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EDIT: Background Color to Dark and Color to White

I think you misunderstand. The Light and Dark in presets have nothing to do with Dark Mode. They’re simply preset colors to make life easier when designing your site. That is why I did not mention them in my reply to you earlier as they have nothing to do with it.

This part of the Selectors video talks about how to use Media Queries:

That said you have to watch and understand how to use the rest of Blacksmith first, so you need to watch and learn the Blacksmith Basics, too.

Had done it “right”. The problem was that I had Background in front.

Having problems using Tab. There the background (which is default white) does not change in Dark Mode and the text becomes white. Any tips?