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Does anyone know if it’s possible to have two option for the logo in the navigation bar? I’m using RapidWeaver / Foundry 2 / Stacks 4. Ideally I’d like to have one logo for when the device/browser is in normal/light mode, and a different one for when it’s in dark mode.

There are settings for changing the background colour / font colours / etc, but there seems to be only one option for the logo, but I’m wondering if it’s possible to set instructions somehow along the lines of:

Good morning @jaysee

There is not an alternate logo option for Dark Mode within the Navigation Bar stack at this time. I’ll add it as a possibility to my future items todo list.

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I have one more question but am not sure the right terminology so hope you don’t mind me asking you here! I’m using the Nav Bar Pro - can I have the site work so that if you click on eg “Products” it drops down a ‘sub-menu’ of products (A, B, C) to choose from (ie that then opens the specific page, eg product A)?

Navigation Bar Pro does not have drop downs. You’ll want to use something like the normal Navigation Bar or Mega Menu stacks. There are several navigation stacks throughout Foundry and the addon packs that you might prefer too.

Ah thanks.

Is this true for adding a site wide search too (ie I have to find an addon)? I can’t find any obvious reference to it with what I’ve got (RW/F/Stacks4) but have found STACK4STACKS that looks like it does what I’m after.

If that is the way to get search, how does one know if someone else’s addon works with RW/F/Stacks4?

Foundry does not include a search stack.

Most third party stacks should work in Foundry.

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