Design challenge: recreate grid in Foundry

I develop course websites for the classes I teach. On one main page I have a grid approach with “boxes” that directly link to various learning modules. In the past I’ve easily accomplished this using a combination of Stacks4Stacks components: mainly Adaptive Grid stack and the LinkBox stack. I could use those 2 stacks (Adaptive Grid and LinkBox) with Foundry to accomplish the same design. But … I’m wondering if there’s an easy “pure Foundry” way to accomplish the same thing?

The attached image shows what I’m basically looking for. Each box is a link. It is important to have text on top and on bottom of each grid/box. I used font-awesome icons in the middle and I know Foundry comes with a Icon Font stack.

Ideas on the best, most efficient, Foundry way to accomplish the same?

It seems I can get much of the way using the Card stacks. However, I’m not seeing any way to duplicate the functionality of LinkBox stack so that the whole Card would become a link to another page.

The Card Deck is very close to what you want and is one of the best features of Foundry IMO. The thing that is missing is an inbuilt way to add a link from the card Card contents and I created a thread about this feature request a while ago. The footer could do with a link but also a facility so that the whole Card acts as a link would be great.

However, you could add content into a link stack and then put inside a Card - Card Slice child stack. I haven’t tried this myself but this should work well enough I think.

If not then Poster in the Poster Lite configuration will do this well.

I have also used the S4S Grid stacks and they are very powerful.

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Gary: Many thanks. Yes, Card Deck comes close. What you suggested re: LinkBox within Card Slice does work, but I don’t like the aesthetics of it. And my personal challenge is to see if I can do something similar with only Foundry stacks. (This is not a website I need to build until mid-July so I have some playing around time to experiment with ideas.)

The closest I’ve come, with a somewhat different look, is to add a Button stack (set to block setting) via a Card slice. So the link isn’t the entire Card, but it’s also pretty clear where to click!

@elixirgraphics: It would be great to set links for an entire Card. I can see many uses for that.

Here’s a page where I’m just playing around with some ideas (ignore stuff at very top):

I still have a feeling I’m ignoring some more elegant ways I could accomplish what I want using on Foundry stacks.

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There are plans for a grid style stack for Foundry already. :wink:


@elixirgraphics That sounds great!