Different font size in a blog

I would like to display the source citation after the text in a smaller font. How do I do this?

@Gelbseidenraupe Hi, supposing you use Alloy, you can change the size by using header (from bigger H1 to smaller H6) or some custom CSS. Sincerely yours.

Yes! Totally true! Do you know, how to handle that?

For the css you could use this code in order to reduce at 80% of the inherited size :
p {
font-size: 80%;
Before using CSS if you’re not sure ask Adam about how to implement in alloy in order not to break your blog. I don’t know how he has organized the Alloy CSS in control center.

For the header, it’s markdown syntax, for example header6 with six # before the expression, ###### example gives :


Header3 ### example gives :


It has to be on a single row at the beginning, not between or after words or space.
Hope that helps.

Hi Bruno!
Thanks for your support. I found out, that the solution could be like this:

< font size=“0.5”>Quelle: Example

< font size=“0.5”>Foto: Example

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