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Hey all / hey Adam,

Alloy looks great. I wonder, is there a way to link to a certain blog post? Like … linking from a Facebook business page to one certain blog entry?


Sure thing. Visit the post you want to link to and copy the URL in the browser title bar.

For example, here is a link to one of the posts for one of the example sites for Alloy:

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Easy enough. Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Not a problem at all! Glad to help. Lots of great stuff in the works for Alloy. :grin:


On more question though… my blog posts are in german. When I use umlaut (ä, ü, ö, ß) the published site shows question marks instead. How can I avoid that? Do I miss a setting or something?

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Hey there @pumpkin – can you send me a couple sample blog posts so I can have a look at them and see if I can’t work on something for a future update?

Will do. Just started with Alloy, so I’ll need a bit.

I just need one or two blog post markdown files that exhibit the problem to use as a test. Send them over in a ZIP file.

Hi fellow weavers.
@pumpkin @elixirgraphics
Did this problem get solved or still exists? I am using the Alloy blog as well in the German language and didn’t run into big problems until now.
The other day I had a problem with a longer word but got fixed using an HTML entity very nice without a problem.
Maybe using an HTML entity for ä ö or ü would fix that as well.
ä would be ä
Ä would be Ä
ö would be ö
Ö would be Ö
ü would be ü
Ü would be Ü
To fix a long word and to get a hyphen in the correct place simply put the HTML entity ­ at the desired place.
If you can’t remember it, you can easily remember it with the following trick: don’t be shy to use a trick. Helps me. lol
I am using it in the Alloy blog at [Mein Blog](Blog über RapidWeaver und WordPress „Beck Webdesign“).
Hope this was helpful for you