Direct Popup from a Card in Card Deck?

Is it possible in card deck to link the button in one of the cards to a popup screen or modal?
So that it pops up directly without the need of the standard button in the Foundry modal.
How do I set up such a link and/or popup page?
Or do I need another modal from another developer?

Extra = optional: To make it difficult: can the popup contain 3 columns?

Hi there @denkkracht

Not sure I’m following you exactly. The Card stack allows you to insert a child stack called “Slice.” This lets you put whatever content you like within the Card. You could then place a Modal stack within that if you like.

The Modal stack can contain various types of content, including columns.

Hi Adam,
That could be a solution. Thx. (I have overlooked slice)

The nice thing about card deck is that, when added a footer, the cards get the same height. So the idea was to start the modal from the footer.

To make it more clear:
this is a screenshot of the footer of the card deck. Accordingly to your suggestion, I put the modal in the slice child. That works fine. But it would be nice if that button could be placed in the footer. To keep the layout clean.

You could create your own footer here and use the Equalize stack to keep the same height through the cards…

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Sorry the fitter button will not achieve your goal.

This is basically what I think @Fuellemann is trying to covey for you:

You can check out the project file here: • Droplr

I will try!!
thanx for the projectfile

Hello and thank you, this was basically what i just was looking for, i would need additionally the possibility to link to those specific modals from outside…how can i to do this?


Hi @keptnshab – I’m not sure what you mean by “link to those specific modals from outside.”

The modal is triggered from the button that is a part of the Modal stack. That is the only way it is triggered.

the idea was to set a link, e.g. on facebook, which brings me directly to the website with the open modal, but i understand that it is not possible to open the website and then trigger the modal in one link.

@Fuellemann and @elixirgraphics / Adam, your idea work!
Thnx for the projectfile!