Disable mobile navigation in Lunar Theme?

Hi there,

Just bought the Lunar theme, and would like to know if there are some way to disable the mobile navigation? I have only one blog page, and no need for the navigation menu. is this possible at all? Can’t seem to find any thing in the options in RW.

Thanks in advance:)


I just wanted to clarify a bit :blush:
This is what it looks like on desktop and mobile. You can se the mobile menu even though the page is set to not be shown in the navigation in the RW Inspector. Are there no options to hide the mobile navigation?

Hi there @thomasdetlefsen – The feature you’ve used to turn off the navigation is that of the app itself. It is not related or linked to the mobile navigation toggle, as the app does not know that is part of the navigation that it outputs.

The Lunar theme isn’t designed to have the navigation toggle hidden unfortunately – it is designed around having a navigation shown.

@elixirgraphics Thanks for your reply.
Guess I have to consider adding another page or two so it’s not confusing to visitors viewing the site on mobile. :blush:

@thomasdetlefsen Simply add this code in the CSS section of the page inspector:

#mobile-navigation-toggle {display: none;}

If you have several pages and you want to have the mobile navigation hidden on all of them you should better put that code inside “Settings” → “Code” → CSS…


@RapidBase Thank you, works like a charm :grinning: that is perfect for my simple use case :clap:

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