Discussion: Visibility stack / Workflow


I would love to start a discussion of the workflow for the visibility stack. I am using it to define views for mobile, tablet and desktop contents.

It already happened a few times that I was editing the stack contents of the tablet view and not of the mobile view, as all I did was to resize the window - unconsciously - to have a better view on the contents of a column stack. Or I was modifying the tablet view and ended up editing the desktop view.

I understand the thinking behind the workflow, but I think it is ill met with the way we do actually work in the edit mode. I really would love to be able to see all content of each visibility stack’s content without the need to resize my edit window. Or to disable all view settings and having to enable them again before I publish - something I am sure to forget. We could use a “Collapse panel” option, though.

What do you think?


Basically you’d like the breakpoints to not influence Edit Mode? If so I think that is reasonable.

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Yes, that is it. Right now the procedure leads to many errors and is more an obstacle than a bonus - at least for me :slight_smile: