Display posts by Category

I can’t find a way to display posts from a specific Category.
My intention is to have mydomain[.]com/PostsFromCategory1; mydomain[.]com/PostsFromCategory2
Is this possible?
Also, is there a way to highlight a post and have them displayed on the main page as Featured post? I guess I can have a tagged called like that but then I’m back to my question about how do I show ‘filtered’ posts by either Category or Tag.


The Blog Entries tool has a Category Only mode. You can read about it in the
I would not personally do it this way. Just my opinion.

There’s not a featured post setting. That said, check out the Layout option, also in the documentation for the Blog Entries tool.

If you’ve not watched the Blog Entries tutorial video I would highly suggest it.

Hi! thank you for your fast reply.
I watched those videos before, and I revisited them now again. I can’t find how to display post from a certain category on a specific page. Why is it that you wouldn’t recommend it? I need to display post that are talking about Category 2, and on a separate page, posts about Category 2; a super common practice?

Category only mode is not why I suggested the videos. The videos were in response to Layouts, that is why I grouped that suggestion with my comment about layouts, in response to your Featured Posts questions.

As for Category Only Mode – using that mode devotes an entire page to JUST one category. You can get a category list of any category on your blog by clicking the category in a post. That URL will show all posts from a category without needing to devote a blog page to ONLY categories. You can see what I mean by clicking on a post’s category on the Foundry blog for example.

Say you click on the Stacks category, here:

You’ll get this URL:

That URL will always return posts in the Stacks category, and will do so without needing to devote your blog page, or multiple blog pages, to singular categories.

You’re welcome to do what you want. I personally wouldn’t use Category Only Mode in the way you’re suggesting myself is all.

Scenario: Food Blog
Recipes from around the world. And I have a ten posts: 4 for Italy. 4 for France, and 2 for China.
If I want to have all the posts from Italy in one page, you are saying that I can just do “?category=Italy” on the URL, it works. Thank you for that trick! :slight_smile:

Now, about the Feature post, the idea of taking a few posts that I want to bring some extra attention by featuring on the main page as a list for people to see first, can I do?: ?tag=Tag%201 (aka Tag1)
And use that on the main page with an embedded frame or similar?

As I said before, this does not create a page. It is still your main blog page. This would be something you’d link to.

No, it does not work that way. As I said, if you want something that looks like a “featured” post on the blog page then I would advise using the various Layout options in the Blog Entries tool.

All that said – I can’t advise you on how to structure your site. You do what is right for you.