Display Title Text Controls?

I would really like to see settings in the Foundry stack that would give me the option to set different size for the DISPLAY TEXT on mobile and tablet + desktop just like we have available for headers.

The reason I think this is needed is because in a Jumbotron you ONLY have the choice of the 4 display text sizes for the title, but even with the smallest choice (4) on a phone if the title is long it is going to run off the screen. This happens because there is no way of saying that the display text needs to scale down on a small screen.

Any chance of seeing something like this, or is there something I’m missing?

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The Jumbotron header controls are more generic. The Header stack allows more detailed control. Turn off the Jumbtron’s Title and Sub-Title and use a Header instead. The Header stack will allow you to use a Display header & use the custom font-size controls:

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Yes, I have had to resort to that approach already.

The problem I have with this is that due to the fact that there is no scaling on the title of a Jumbotron, I will be forced to change EVERY one of the Jumbotron stacks I’m using, which is really inconvenient. The nice thing about the stack is the fact that I can set the title and sub-text in the stack, plus it manages the layout.

Once I go to a header and paragraph I now have to manage all of that myself, which is not a problem, just means extra work to go and fix the problem.

Sure a fix is possible but the reality is one would NEVER be able to us the title on a mobile device as the size does not change, so I would always have to be doing the workaround. Seems that it makes more sense to give the user a little more control over what is already provided by the stack. Plus if this was done through the Foundry settings it would have no impact on the stack itself!

I realize it is probably more work on your end but it gives user greater flexibility! I think the more important point though is that in its current form the stack is essentially broken on a small mobile device.

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Display font size choices could be added to the main Control Center stack. It all comes back to weighing whether it is worth it or not when it comes to possibly bogging that stack down with extra features that aren’t going to be used by the majority of users or not. Those things have to be weighed before adding them as once they’re added, they’re there to stay and there’s no taking them back. Basically the thing I have to do before I add page-wide stuff like that every time. I’ll think on it and weigh whether it is worth doing.

As far as adding the settings to the Jumbotron stack – perhaps that could be a good in-between step. I don’t find the current way it is handled to be useless. I think it is useful in the right situations as it is. But that is just my opinion.

I would like to see these font size settings in the foundry stack as well. It would really help. If you keep the Custom Font size check box option, then it would not clutter the interface…

I agree it is not that the current settings are useless, its just that it does not scale very well to a small device. That said it still works and the problems are only on small screens, of which there are less and less these days. I just like to see everything scale together so the title don’t get to large when compared to any surrounding headings.

It just seems adding it to the stack itself would only help to give the user more control.

But as you said this has to weighed against any downsides in increased complexity.

I think the whole concept of the Foundry stack and its global settings is really powerful and it seems that wherever possible it makes sense to leverage that power as it saves the user a potentially huge amount of work as they can control a lot globally instead of locally!

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