Displaying another page in a Glide section

I would like a Glide section to display the contents of another page in my project.
I have several RW add ons which can do this, but I wonder whether there is an in-built Foundry solution

You mean like importing a page into Glide via something like Pluskit? If so, I will say this about importing pages – I never do this myself. You are asking for possible problems with importing one page into another, much-less within a more complex structure like the Glide stack. My recommendation would be to find a different way to accomplish what you’re wanting to do. If it isn’t possible any other way, then let us know and maybe we can all be of help, but I would always lean toward a different method than importing one page into another in most cases.

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Thanks for the reply Adam

I’m rebuilding a site to use Foundry, and using Glide to recreate the content of five pages.

One of those pages is a native RW Blog page.

Because I didn’t have an existing Stack to set up the blog in Glide, I was going to remove the RW Blog page from navigation and bring into Glide using Pluskit or one of the stacks like Global import or iFrame.

The result would be that to the user it is a one page site.

I do have Armadillo which allows for its blog stack to be placed anywhere on a project.

But maybe the forum has some neater solutions.

All the best

You can give it a go. It should work. I just personally wouldn’t do it myself, but I can see your desire in this situation.

Thanks again Adam
I’ll give it a go.

Hello Adam,
Just to let you know that I avoided the import option by using Armadillo’s blog stack.
This meant in effect starting a new blog and abandoning the inbuilt RW blog page, but I think this is worth doing because of the layout flexibility of Armadillo’s blog and blog headings stacks.

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