Divider Stack not center aligned

Hi guys. I am using the divider stack. Typically it’s center aligned, but for some reason it’s now right aligned?? When I add a container with inner content width of 1140px and drop a column stack in there it’s also right aligned and not centered as it used to. I couldn’t find anything in the Foundry control center. Any one had this issue before? Thanks.

Hi there @MagicNeico

This would be much easier to figure out for you with a project file in-hand to look at. Can you provide a project file for us to look at? You can make a simple one-page test that shows the bug and then put it in a zip file. You can post a download link here in the forum using something like the Dropbox or something similar, or you can email it to me at adam at elixirgraphics dot com

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Hello Adam, the problem has been fixed. I changed the theme to a different one, and then changed back to Foundry. This “refresh” seemed to fix the alignment problem. Thanks

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Glad to hear it is all straightened out. That is odd that it would be fixed by that. Any chance it wasn’t on the Foundry theme to start but maybe another, different theme? I see that from users from time to time.