Does the Alloy Generated URLs = Duplicate Content? If so, How To Correct the Problem?

We have added one blog with multiple categories to our site. The blog page is accessible through our main navigation.

We want to use the “Category Only” option in Alloy to build out a separate page each of our blog categories with headlines and additional content to support each of our blog categories in greater detail.

Our question is - are we going to be penalized, or is it just a bad idea (practice) to have the same blog post accessible in two locations on the same web site. The first time would be on “the original blog page,” with all its categories. The second time would be on each of our blog’s separate category pages that we are adding.

  • Do we have anything to worry about?
  • Should we do anything differently?
  • Should we be adding 301 redirects?
  • When do Rel=“canonical” come into play? (Don’t know much about this option)

We have been doing a lot of reading on the above subject of duplicate content and we must say we are left confused.

Thank you for the help

We have been pondering how to work through this.

If you were so kind as to confirm for us that Alloy generates two different URLs based on the URL that we initially set up for the main blog summary page in RW and Alloy, it would appear that Alloy generates the category and full post page URLs. And by doing so, is Alloy creating delicate content?

With that in mind, if Alloy is generating duplicate content when it is creating the URLs for the “category” and “full post” pages. Wouldn’t it be in our best interest to direct those pages (category and full post pages) back to the main blog summary page that we originally created in RW and Alloy for SEO purposes?

The problem is, we don’t have access to the head section of the category and full post URLs that are generated by Alloy; to be able to add a Rel= “canonical” tag/link easily.

To be clear, this is not A BUG in Alloy. Adam does an exceptional job; both Alloy and Foundry are quality products, and we much appreciate that.

How would you suggest we tackle this?