Does the blog entry get saved back into rapidweaver?

So the alloy blog uses the website based editor to post blogs. No way to do it from rapidweaver it appears. So in the event where the server goes down and you need to re-upload the site from your end, what happens to all that content that got posted via the website? Blogs, comments, etc?

If I understand correctly your side won’t have a copy of that in the rapidweaver site file. So how do you not loose that stuff?

Hi @pacman7293

That can happen to any website and system, even on your working computer something like that could happen, you could loose your stuff, that’s the reason frequent Backups are so important, and that goes to your website and you local machine.

So try to keep a copy of your posts as a Backup on your HD and even on TimeMachine so that you can upload a copy of your website if needed.

Also, most hosting companies keep current websites backups, if that happens to you somehow you could revert back to a previous state.


Backups can be downloaded via the Editor at any time in the popup utility menu.

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