Downloading Blog Posts

I have been trying to download blog posts with Alloy and I keep getting an error, as follows.

Is there something that I need to setup somewhere in order for this to work?

This is likely due to something I’m currently troubleshooting. RapidWeaver builds paths as it exports the site and / or publishes. In corner cases the paths don’t always match up. This is due to the way some people build out their site. If you send me a ZIP file with your project file inside I can take a look at it tomorrow and see if that is the case with your project.

By chance do you also have problems when trying to delete a post?

I’ve got an idea of how to approach this corner case and will be working on it tomorrow.

To date I have not had problems deleting posts, but to be honest I have only ever deleted one that I used as a test case. I’ll try deleting one to see if there are any problems.

Short of that I can certainly provide the project file.

OK. Send over your project file and I’ll take a look. It would be helpful to have a ZIP file also containing the uploaded site as it exists on your server. If that is not possible or a pain, don’t worry about it.

@handshaper – If you get a chance soon, send over those files and I’ll take a look. I have a fix for the other user’s corner case problem they ran into and I think that it may fix yours too, but I need to test it against your files.


Do you want me to send it o your email address?

Sure, or as a Direct Message here on the forum. Your choice.

EDIT: Just saw you already emailed them. I’ll try downloading everything in just a little while.

Shot you a couple emails.