Drag & Drop vs Remote Logo Image

I have a question about styling Nav Bar Pro.

About 7 1/2 minutes into the video the observation is made that we can have two types of Logo Image.
One of them is loaded via Drag & Drop into the image well and the other is Remote via Link Setting into our own server.

What is the advantage of using a Remote link vs Drag & Drop?

Drag and drop will be part of your rapidweaver project file. A remote image is placed on your server and is linked to your site by an url. The theory is that the remote images can help reduce the size of your rapidweaver project file.

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Thanks Steve. That makes sense.

The problem I have in sorting out these things is that my lizard brain contains little pieces of data from Dreamweaver, iWeb, Muse, urban legends etc.

Somewhere in the wayback machine I remember reading something about how TEXT is fairly lightweight and GRAPHICs are heavy. Is this problem Remote linking is trying to solve?

If the ONLY “thing” you are doing remotely is the logo image for your site, then it makes little to no difference which approach you take.

On the other hand if your website will have many images, PDFs, zip downloads, and other things then having all that “stuff” directly uploaded to your server by you can be more convenient and result in a MUCH small project file. And you won’t have the potential problem of broken resource links.

As an example, I have a current course running. The RW project file is 18 Mb. If I put all my digital “stuff” on RW then the project file would be at least 1 Gb! And I’d have to be willing to trust RW (this is a non-Foundry issue) will handle all my resources nicely. And publishing the site will become a longer, more burdonsome, experience.

… so which way to go has little to do with your Nav bar, and much more to do with your overall situation. When I am putting all my “stuff” on the server it becomes more confusing if a few things are not done that way. Better to have a consistent approach: all resources OR all server upload. Hope this makes sense.


That makes a lot of sense Michell. My website will have a tremendous amount of images.

Can you point me to a discussion about how to directly upload images to my server instead of publishing them as an intrinsic part of my website?

Never mind Mitchell. I found a great article about “warehousing” by Will Woodgate.
(Thanks, however, for making me cognizant of this topic)