Dragging from iPhone Preview to Full Width

Hi Adam,

I have my Foundry project set to Preview via the iPhone preview size. When I drag it out to Full Size the Reveal Stack does not work. Consequently if I have it set to Full Width and drag down to iPhone size the Reveal Stack does work. I get thrown off by this ever so often. I know you have that stack turned off for mobile devices. Is this intentional?

“Please Note: Animations occur at the desktop breakpoint and are disabled on mobile devices to ensure good compatibility and proper display of content.”


Foundry doesn’t have control over this. RapidWeaver adjusts the way the preview area is handled based off of what preview mode you select. Preview mode spoofs the browser’s User Agent I believe for the different devices you choose in the Preview drop down. The way I handle previews myself is to choose the Desktop view and then adjust the width manually by dragging the preview area in by hand. This method means RW’s preview mode will not spoof the User Agent (and who knows what else).

I think I’m following you. But if you choose the desktop view and adjust the width manually by dragging the preview area in by hand the reveal stack still reveals.

Yes, because Reveal decides whether to animate based off of device type, not display width. If you want to see the page, in iPhone mode and not have Reveal animate you would then choose the iPhone preview so that RW’s Preview Mode spoofs the iPhone User Agent for you.

That makes sense. Thank you!

Not a problem at all.