Droplet Editor Text Data Field

Is it possible to get a multiline text box for the “Text Data” entry?

I am using a droplet to populate a multi column Paragraph Pro, or is there a better way to get a multi column which automatically flows to the second column, maybe using an embed?

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On the surface that sounds like something an Embed would be better suited for. Droplets are more meant for small little bits. I was actually trying to discourage people from big blocks of text in a Droplet by using a normal text input instead of a large textarea.

Let me know if the Embed works for you. I don’t own or use Paragraph Pro so I’m not familiar with its functionality.

I am not particular in using Paragraph Pro, I just want to be able to use a 2 column text block which can be edited on the Editor page

Gotcha. You mentioned flowing content from one column to the next so I expected that is what you wanted specifically, and why I thought you were referencing it.

That said, Embeds would be better for blocks of text.

correct, do you see a way to do this with an embed?

One Embed in the left column, one Embed in the right column. If it needs to be a flowing column you’d need to use a stack that supports that and place it the way that stack requires.

If you feel like I’m not understanding your want on this, give me a screenshot showing what you’re attempting to accomplish. I feel like I might be missing something.

check out the live page About Us
When you resize the page the 2 column text block at the top, spills over automatically until it is to small and it becomes 1 column. This is done with a droplet in Paragraph Pro.
I can use 2 embeds in a 2 column however, editing by the customer is more complicated…

So wouldn’t you just use the Paragraph Pro stack, as you have there, and place the Embed in it? That way it flows from one column to the next?

So a beta tester pointed out to me that you can’t drop a stack into Paragraph Pro, which is where I was confused. Thanks @DLH!

Don’t worry it works with the droplet…

Correct that is what I was saying in my previous post. Droplets are not designed for that purpose though. Sorry.